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About us

If your company is looking to hire key professionals for advanced business tasks, and cannot afford to make a mistake, we'll help you gather a team of top-notch managers and experienced specialists from niche fields.

Our Team

We hire proven freelance recruiters and additional experts to assist in project implementation where necessary, but ensure that the Partner is directly involved in every project.

Dmitry Dobrynin
Technology Expert
Ilya Zibarev
Development Strategy and Efficiency Improvement Expert
Alla Dynko
Product Management Expert
Vera Rabkina
Financial Expert
Yulia Vinokurova
Corporate Finance Expert
Alexey Sakharov
Project Management Expert
Alexander Lepeshkin
Junior Consulting Analyst
Anna Vasilyeva
Collaborate with shareholders and top managers, and employ modern and efficient consulting techniques
We speak the language of business
In selecting top managers for Russian and international markets (start-ups, fast-growing companies, large corporate clients)
Boasting over 10 years experience
With satisfied clients
100+ completed projects
A project-based approach with guaranteed results
6 month guarantee for top positions
(CFOs, CTOs, chief architects, etc.) to reduce risk throughout the hiring process
Recruitment of top-notch experts
Integration support for your new hires
  • IT: IT consulting, IT product manufacturers, IT start-ups
  • E-commerce & Logistics
  • Fintech & Crypto
  • FMCG & Parapharma
  • Commodity Trading
  • Professional Services & Consulting
Company size
  • Start-ups
  • Medium-sized fast-growing enterprises
  • Large corporations
Why Us?
We are on the same page with the client
Thanks to over 10 years of experience in HR, sales, and project management in international companies, we've gained a broad understanding of our clients' business tasks and know how to speak their language.
We are not a transactional recruitment agency
We evaluate candidates based on individually structured competency models created uniquely for each search. By comprehensively assessing the competencies of each candidate, we help our client easily compare and understand differences in their abilities.
We make a complete market analysis
Thanks to our advanced search strategy, we don't need to boil the ocean to single out experienced candidates for targeted niches.
We involve experts and guarantee success
If a client cannot assess the competence of the candidate or fully integrate them into the company team, we're here to help.
We adhere to a culture of unique sourcing
We take complete ownership of our projects and only work with clients we're certain we can help.