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When recruitment doesn't work and agencies fail to give you the attention or results you deserve, we're here to help. We can offer your company a focused search project that utilizes a unique approach to thoroughly and thoughtfully analyze the available candidate base through direct search and hunting. Our dedicated team can solve even the most complex cases in up to 2 months.
3-month guarantee.
Selection of Skilled Specialists
Our customized projects include a personalized search strategy, competency map, and detailed market analysis. Our personalized recommendations are gathered using both open sources and our exclusive database of contacts. Over the course of the project, you will receive detailed work and candidate reports, collected references, and ongoing support from our experienced consultants, resulting in a signed offer in up to 12 weeks. 6-month guarantee.
Selection of Top Managers
If you need help assessing a candidate's competencies and want to reduce risks when selecting a finalist, we are happy to offer expert support. Our experts are top managers and specialists who can assist with your search strategy, position description, and technical interviews, as well as provide you with comprehensive advice on selecting a finalist.
Selection of Top Managers with Expert Support
We can take on duties an HR department, we're here to help your successful candidate fully integrate into the team. We take care of the entire process, from developing a "30-60-90 day" plan to facilitating internal meetings.
Team Integration
We have an extensive network of experienced and proven top managers who can act as advisors for your business. Our advisors are there to support the development of your new strategy, take a critical look at key processes, prepare for board of directors or shareholder meetings, and help make decisions about business digitalization and the development of new products.
Remote Board of Directors