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The Task
Our client, a leading company in the grain trading market, wanted to completely digitalize all of their work processes, including trading. After several months of searching for a suitable product on the market, the company decided to create its own platform that connects grain traders with farmers. The client hired an external contractor to develop the IT product, but the project was slow and delayed. The MVP didn't work, and they couldn't figure out the root of the problem. So, the company decided to find a CTO to manage the project.
The Challenge
The client lacked the technical competence to figure out why the MVP wasn't working and correctly evaluate CTO candidates. Moreover, the team didn't have any experience in product development, especially in regards to outstaffing (when a contractor works on an hourly rate, rather than a fixed contract).
The Process
We brought in our technology expert to help develop the key requirements for the CTO vacancy. He has also recommended experienced front-end and back-end experts, who took charge of the technical aspects of the interview process. The team helped create the case and HR interview form for finalists. Moreover, our experts conducted a code audit, which allowed them to fully understand the competencies required from a finalist and ensure that the selected candidate would be able to successfully implement the project. The client was able to evaluate several candidates over the course of 5 weeks. In the end, the selected finalist passed the probationary period and fit in perfectly with the team.

CTO for a grain marketplace