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Global Marketing Manager, Global Research Director, and Global E-Commerce Director for a producer of elite alcoholic beverages

The Task
In order to strengthen the company's commercial and marketing blocks, the new CEO decided to search for three experienced professionals who could develop the e-commerce channel, strengthen the key brand, and use consumer data to make the right commercial decisions. All three professionals were needed in order to implement the company's new strategic plan, so there was not much time to spare.
The Challenge
A particular challenge in this project was that the vacancies required relocation to the client's global headquarters in a small European capital. The company also had a number of advanced professional requirements for candidates. Moreover, our team had to work on all three positions simultaneously and find candidates as soon as possible, all while studying different markets in Europe and North America.
The Process
The AD Pro team took immediate action. Negotiations, approvals, and interviews were scheduled as soon as possible. Throughout the process, we were able to develop a working environment that made the company feel like our #1 client, as their CEO later confirmed in his review. We immersed ourselves in the client's industry, consulting and engaging experts in the search. As a result, we were able to find world-class managers for SPI: a marketing manager from Russia, a researcher from Holland, and an e-commerce manager from Canada.