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CTO for an IT consulting

The Task
Our client, a leading IT consulting company, decided to launch a new product line. However, the product was being managed by uncoordinated teams of developers, and there were no aligned processes or unified artifacts.
The Challenge
The company had never previously engaged in product development activities, so they lacked a product culture and a clear understanding of how to build development processes. In addition, management roles had traditionally been occupied by people from within the company, rather than brought in from the outside. Therefore, it was difficult for new top managers to adapt to the company culture.
The Process
Over 4 months, we generated a significantly long list of candidates and showed the client over 10 potential hires. The management was able to review all of the CTOs submitted for consideration and make an informed decision. The selected candidate not only fit the role perfectly, but was also able to adapt into the company culture after successfully passing the probationary period.