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Senior BI Analyst for a commodity trader

The Task
Our client, one of the largest commodity traders, has always strived to make informed decisions based on data. To that end, the company has implemented many dashboards based on Power BI. However, for a long time, they lacked a trained analyst within the company who could work with the company's leadership team (shareholders, the general director, and the second line of executives), collect data, and develop and implement a target reporting model using company data.
The Challenge
The client did not have a strong knowledge of Power BI, meaning that they could not adequately evaluate the technical competence of potential candidates.
The Process
We brought in a top Power BI architect from a company specializing in the implementation of analytic systems. He helped us generate the HR interview questionnaire, look through CVs, check the test assignments, and conduct technical interviews. This way, the owner was able to make an informed decision without taking unnecessary risks. After 5 weeks, a trained analyst with the necessary data skills, extensive expertise in Power BI, and a sense of beauty signed the offer. He successfully passed the probationary period and easily integrated into the client's team.