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Product Marketing Manager for the DeFi platform

The Task
Our client, a decentralized finance platform (DeFi), was planning a significant expansion into global markets. Accordingly, they needed to strengthen the team with a wide range of professionals, requiring everything from a strong marketing specialist and digital channel manager, to a copywriter and data analyst.
The Challenge
Like many crypto projects, the client wanted to exclusively pay their employees in cryptocurrency. Additionally they also had very high expectations of the potential hires. During the interview, candidates needed to be able to clearly and structurally solve complex cases in English, as well as demonstrate serious motivation to work on the project. In addition, the start-up was developing very quickly and there was little time to wait, so the roles had to be filled almost simultaneously.
The Process
We formed a team of two managers and three research consultants to work on the project together. The team members all had their own areas of expertise and responsibility, but were able to effectively share information between each other. We primarily searched for candidates in the CIS, Baltics, and Southern Europe, but also looked into Western markets. During the search, we used a variety of channels, including the standard LinkedIn and Hh.ru, as well as niche profile chats, channels, and groups in social networks. In the end, one candidate was found in the United Kingdom, another in the United States, and two more in Russia.